Mothers' & Fathers’ Group

Mothers are the key agents of change in their child’s development. In the end, it is the mother who protects her child’s interests—the best. In 2011 SKHM started an SKHM Mothers’ Group Programme as a part of its primary strategy in the rehabilitation of children and WIPs.
SKHM trains WIPs to explore alternate livelihood methods and assists those who wish to quit their profession. The Mothers’ Group also meets twice a month under the supervision of a senior mental health professional to undergo counseling and psychological intervention.

Some of the skill-building programmes include:

• Cooking and Canteen Management Course
• Embroidery and Tailoring Course
• Fine Art and Crafts-making Course
• Costume Jewellery-making Course

In most cases, families in RLAs have missing biological fathers. SKHM works with appointed father figures or male guardians of SKHM children. Programmes include group and individual counseling sessions.
Some of the skill-building programmes include:

• Driving Class
• Computer Training Course
• Spoken English Course